Bespoke Crew Management

Customize & Budget Optimally “Your” crew management solution.


Budgeting your crew & upgrading your Quality Standards simultaneously is not impossible, but attainable with Elvictor Practices.

We possess the innovative tools that may tune your Crew Management without the hassle and we form a seamless extension to your entire organization. Due to our technological advances, we morph ourselves to meet your actual requirements.

Prior to the initiation of our cooperation, we undertake a thorough analysis of your Requirements, Policies, and Practices, to better understand your core needs.
The result is a fully-customized list of Crew Management services geared toward reducing your OPEX from existing levels while supporting your qualitative/ quantitative initiatives.

Why We Differ

Unlike the market norms, there is no predetermined structure of our crew management service. We innovate & revolutionize the crew management list of services to provide a pragmatic customized solution.

Our in-house technology assists us to monitor, control and serve every single operation and process based on the needs and requirements of each Principal, no matter the complexity of the demands.

Crew Management is well known as an “outsourced service”.
Well, we break this rule too. Through our implemented innovations and intranets although by market norm: “the control is relinquished to the crew manager”, in our reality you have the ability to intervene at any time (online), throughout all stages of the recruitment process.

Our innovative toolbox & cloud intranets are proof of our commitment to transparency.


We offer over 30 services which are fine tuned to your operational & budgetary needs. In addition, we offer a plethora of Elvictor innovative services, that are complementary & supportive to the above.

The amalgamation of the service selection shall result in a superior time & money saving.