Bespoke Training

Training & cadetship development, tailored to each Principal respectively, either onboard or ashore.

In direct response to the newest qualification requirements of the industry (STCW, ISM, ISPS, SOLAS, ISO, SIRE, TMSA) and the specific training needs of our principals that require for every seafarer to comply for employment on board vessels, we are providing tailor-made training solutions and Assessment.

One of the strongest assets of ELVICTOR is the ability to design training material together with the principal, creating scenarios that are based on near misses or incident reports, as we believe that having our seafarers be engaged in the topic and making reflections which are based on their own experiences leads to in-depth knowledge.

Assessment through regular onboard Inspections and Audits, made us feel proud for the competence of our crew, securing that any minor gaps in acquired knowledge have been identified and covered on the spot.