Pure & Pragmatic Solutions

In 2001 Elvictor Group undertook the challenge to strategically invest in digital technologies and required platforms, in order to alter significantly the Crew Management Business Model, which resulted in new revenue & value-producing opportunities to all concerned counterparts:

The Principal

The Seafarer

The Branches & Affiliates

The Head Office

The Agents

Elvictor Group Crew Management & Training (“Elvictor”) was established in 1977. It is a family owned company and its core services include crewing and Crew Management, whereas Elvictor’s clientele consists of sophisticated and respectable shipping houses. The headquarters manage contractual arrangements with clients while controlling and coordinating activities of the branch offices.

Elvictor has been active across various value-adding activities of the shipping sector such as ship management, technical management, ship agency, crewing and crew management. Mr. Galanakis, over the past few decades, has managed c.35 vessels being a major shareholder in most of them. The strategic intent of Elvictor has gradually been consolidated towards specific activities revolving around the field of crew management, thus creating a dedicated crew management company which keeps shaping the crew-related agenda. The Company has an established network scattered across seafarers’ supplying countries.

Elvictor Group is the “Seafarer and Principal Gateway”

We have developed an intelligent cloud environment, with care & control to personal data protection. Information is controlled, filtered, ranked and interacted through sophisticated algorithms and processes. These algorithms are the result of our Principal’s Requirements for sourcing, selecting, interviewing, reporting, matching, and proposing the proper candidates as per their Policy. Officer matrix, retention, qualitative and quantitative approaches are instituted. These algorithms are dependent on a set of Elvictor Group KPIs and Benchmarking tools.

Elvictor Group KPIs and Benchmarking Tools.

Our technology and innovations is a living organism, systematically structured to be dynamic and impartial, which gives us the advantage to prove, with documented evidence, that we service a Seafarer or a Principal without any discrimination, prioritization, or any other advantageous handling.

Each Principal and each Seafarer is a Valuable Asset to Elvictor Group and not just a figure!