Elvictor Group, being at the forefront of all developments in the Crew Management Sector, has developed a series of innovative services for its Principals and Seafarers.

State of the art Technological Solutions. Always one step ahead.

24/7 user-friendly on-line platform network for Elvictor Principals and Seafarers.

Please allow us to explain the power of words; how single verbs like check, interact, access and monitor can be critical for the value that you expect and deserve. Through our online tools, Elvictor Principals are able to:


Check the proposed, lined up and onboard crew, view their information, download, and export to word/excel/pdf and email their documents/certificates or information. Moreover, information related to seafarers’ allotters, next of kin and dependants is provided.


Interact with Elvictor System to accept, line up or reject proposed crew at their wish.


Confirm the availability of their ex-crew.


Make a request online for teleconferencing.


Access 80 different online reports, statistics and KPIs, that are developed online at the user’s request and can immediately used for fast and accurate decision-making by the Principal.


Retrieve custom-made Principals’ ISM Reports and Statistics, which can be developed in the platform, including the Principal’s ISM Proposal form.


Monitor expiring certificates/documents.

Be Aware of

Be constantly aware of the training schedule of their seamen, the ongoing courses and the courses due for completion.


Consult the Officer Matrix and Retention Formula of onboard, lined up and proposed seafarers as well as other qualitative TMSA and Vetting reports, applicable to all vessel types.


Assess crew that is ready for promotion.


Evaluate the appropriateness of Crew through lists with various types of breakdown compiled upon information requested.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead based on projected ends of contract for crew onboard as well as receiving various notifications for future crew statuses.