Internet of Things

The term is a relatively new and describes an old concept (centralized vs distributed, mainframes vs PC’s, linear vs star) but with the addition that the interconnecting medium in the Internet. Everything speaks with everything – seamlessly, whereby conditions are detected and decisions made.

Our online system is interconnected with various API’s (Application Programming Interface) that either provide us with information which is impossible for a human being to processed in an unbiased and accurate manner. This is a vital factor in our decision-making process which provides us control over our procedures and operations”

For Elvictor Group, this concept has been central it its development over the last two decades.
With the rollout of our first database for our affiliated/branch offices, to the interconnection of our seafarers for personalized servicing, to the integration of daily automated decisions/actions with respect to all aspects of the Crew Management business flight schedules, status messages, SMS/Email/Social Network integration, scheduling and other facets have been seamlessly incorporated to our backbone, which is now a living organism. 

Travelers Security /Port / Health (TMSA3)

Interconnected with various API’s to provide to our seafarers, information about travel security and health, in compliance with TMSA3 Best Practice.

Coded HTML5 link with integrated information and interactive tools is sent to each Seafarer dynamically to his mobile apps (Viber, WhatsApp) which are Integrated with Elvictor’s cloud system and Facebook inbox.

MOU Public info (vessel detentions / observations)

We automatically obtain available information from MOU sources, that enable us to cross reference past services.

Vessel Positions

Continuously monitor and store vessel movements for use in our applications / control mechanisms / scheduling of recruitments, etc.

Weather information

Critical weather information which significantly alters crew/ vessel / airplane itineraries. 

Automated emails are dynamically sent to both Seafarers and Principals to Alert or inform them.

Flight information

Ticket status, Flight status, check-in of seafarers, arrivals/departures/cancellations of flights, terminal information, etc.  

Automated emails are dynamically sent to both Seafarers and Principals to Alert or inform them

Location & Traffic information

Being continuously updated from our seafarers we can accurately estimate arrival time to our branches and for their dispatch, along with other operational requirements.

Video conferencing

Platform averse interconnection of online teleconferencing with the seafarers.

IMO Database Vessel Particulars

Accurate vessel particulars that enable us to apply the appropriate Key Performance Indicators that we have developed, optimizing application processes.

Debriefing Intelligence

Information from our seafarers provided online are aggregated into a decision making tool.

Elvictor Group Application Programming Interface

Elvictor is integrating its overall online system to interconnect with well-known APIs, and the ones that are under development are those of providing important data for the scheduling and the overall logistics of crew recruitment. The next innovations of Elvictor with these APIs are going to be:

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