Our Continuous Integration with online job sites bolsters our sourcing mechanisms.

Following our previous integration, we are happy to announce that crewell.net is the second successful integration with an online seafarer job that we have completed in short succession.

We would like to thank the founder and owners of crewell.net for sharing our vision and providing its applicants with a direct link to Elvictor’s Crew Management Network.


Via Elvictor’s Web Accounts platform (Principal Intranet Cloud Platform), the Principal requests a specific nationality & rank for one of their vessels. This request is translated into JSON call, which is sent to crewell.net and thereby a request for crew opened directly in crewell.net, where the full spectrum of seafarers are informed immediately.

One of Elvictor’s very first interactions with the seafarer concerns the novel GDPR regulations. An SMS with a link to our platform is sent, requesting GDPR consent. Until this is given, data within our system shall be locked and coded, rendering them not viewable and pseudonym is stored in our database until consent of the seafarer is granted. If we do not grant the GDPR consent the database automatically deletes all data. However the GDPR procedure of crewell site covers the GDPR procedures but we shift a higher level up to be ultimately secured concerning personal data as per GDPR procedures.

As crew respond to these requests in crewell.net, the interest is translated directly into Elvictor’s internal platform, which then follows our normal procedures of screening and selection.

No human interaction follows the initial request! Fast, automated, un-biased!


Depending on the placement/job offering, the seafarer candidates/applicants that are interested, use the tools of the Crewell site to accept the translation of their CV to the Main Principal, which is Elvictor Group.

The moment they click a placement of their interest, Elvictor immediately receives the application of each applicant/candidate. Elvictor sends a coded HTML5 link to the applicant, in order for him/her to accept the GDPR terms and allow Elvictor the possession of his/her data.

Cross Check Screening of the CVs

Once the Seafarer consents to providing his/her data, a profile of the seafarer is generated within the cloud crew management system of Elvictor and the seafarer is emailed.

Elvictor’s Cloud system then receives the information of the CV, runs various procedures to screen the applicant CV digitally.

New or Ex-Crew

The first digital screening is to identify if the seafarer is ex-crew or new crew of Elvictor.

If EX-Crew

If the system identifies that the CV provided by Crewell is an ex-crew of Elvictor, the following checks are performed:

  1. Is the ex-crew higher rank or the same rank as in Elvictor’s Database
  2. Missing previous sea services with other manning agents/crew managers are updated
  3. Collective and corrective approach of additional data and identification of further vessel particulars
  4. KPI’s are re-calculated based on new data
  5. Elvictor’s proprietary metric/KPI’s, identify and recommend the applicant and ultimately match him/her to a specific request.

If New Crew

If the crew that has shown interest in a specific request is considered by the system as new crew to Elvictor, the following actions are taken:

  1. All seafarer data is entered into the Elvictor’s System, which includes bio data, certificates, previous services, and other pertinent data.
  2. All services are cross-checked for validity of vessels, sign-on and sign-off dates.
  3. The seafarer is informed that he/she has been entered into the database (with his/her unique username/password), and GDPR consent is requested. Once this has been approved by the seaman, the data is unlocked and viewable by Elvictor for further screening/selection/matching procedures.
  4. The seafarer is then invited to one of the offices closest to their domicile or convenient to him/her, whereby interviews are undertaken as to their character, skills & knowledge. Simultaneously, their certifications are scanned and inserted into their file.

Subsequent Actions

When all the automated actions have been successfully undertaken, and all screening/selection/ matching procedures and processes have been implemented, a seafarer is introduced to the Principal for their selection procedures. The Principal advises of the outcome of their internal process and procedures and in turn actions are undertaken from Elvictor’s side.

Elvictor’s Seafarer Intranet Account Creation

As mentioned above, when a new crew is entered, a username/password is created for the seaman in Elvictor's Seaman Intranet platform. The seaman has full access to his bio data, certificates, & previous services (non-Elvictor) for editing, deletion and insertion of new data.

Through this access, the crew can also examine and apply for other openings for their nationality which they would like to be considered for.

The procedures that check from the databases the details of the applicant concerning the Vessel Particulars and IMO matching, the correctness of the previous sea services based on past data of position of the vessels that are mentioned in the previous sea services where sign on and sign off dates are provided, checks overlapping previous sea services and other monitoring that is disclosed and patents of Elvictor that form the intelligence mechanism of Elvictor in checking the previous sea services. 

When Elvictor has a request from one of its Principals, let us name Principal A, for vessel X, for rank Y, the Principal A may open a request through the Principal Intranet (100% of our clients use this feature) or in case of a Principal sending email, the dedicated Elvictor Operator of the Principal A opens a request in the Cloud Crew Management System of Elvictor.

This Elvictor’s System Request is an action that signals that there is an open position or open placement for a Specific Principal, Specific Vessel, Specific or Multiple Nationalities for a specific rank, at a specific time at a specific port.

This Elvictor’s System Request with more information and details than there is no need to be mentioned here, are now integrated with the Crewell Job Site. That means that the second that Elvictor Opens a Request a JSON call is received by Crewell site and various applicants / candidates are imminently informed about the opening (placement). For GDPR reasons the vessel name and company name are not communicated, only vessel details and position requirements and details are provided.

Thus a big pool of candidates from the Crewell site are imminently informed about the positions / open placements, depending on their specification, requirements, rank and nationality.

Elvictor has an influx of approximate  40 to 50 applicants per rank request, expanding the possibilities to find through this automated sourcing more skilled applicants and cover any difficult request.