We are excited to announce that Elvictor Group is now an Associate Member of both “INTERCARGO” and “INTERTANKO”.

To those who are not familiar with these organisations, they are the “International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners” and the “International Association of Independent Tanker Owners” respectively.​


INTERCARGO” is a voluntary non-profit association representing the interests of dry cargo vessel owners. It promotes best practice in shipping and represents dry cargo shipping interests at IMO, other industry fora and the broader business context, basing its strategies on the principle of free and fair competition. It provides the forum where quality dry bulk shipowners, managers and operators are informed about, discuss and share concerns on key topics and regulatory challenges. Prime topics relate to safety, the environment and operational excellence. The benefits deriving from the above, is that Elvictor Group strengthens its position on matters related to changes affecting the shipping industry, and with more flexibility, can proceed to decisions promoting the interests of its stakeholders.


INTERTANKO” has been the voice of independent tanker owners since 1970, ensuring that the liquid energy that keeps the world turning is shipped safely, responsibly and competitively. Its network consists of over 400 both full and associate members, controlling more than 3.900 tanker vessels. Being a part of this association allows us to join a big network for facilitating cooperation and sharing of knowledge between partners.

Elvictor Group aims to contribute to the goals of the aforementioned groups, for safe and environmentally sound marine operations, through well trained, skillful and committed seafarers for high quality performance.


However, training and sourcing quality personnel will not be our sole avenue of contribution. We aim to share and expand our technological means with our new partners, through which we will ameliorate the tools being used in our industry, for the sake of responsible, safe and top notch operations that will inevitably facilitate us in realising those goals.

On Behalf of Elvictor Group
Vassilios Iliopoulos
Managing Director of Elvictor Group


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