Bullet Points

  • We seek to facilitate seafarer applications by integrating with world-class seafarer job-seeking sites.

  • Our management is willing to integrate with various online sites, in order to achieve our primary goal and the centre of our job ethos, which is to provide the seafarers with available jobs.

During the “1st Digital Crew Management Forum” powered by Elvictor Group, in the speech of Constantinos S. Galanakis, the strategy for full integration of Elvictor’s systems to the modern collaboration mobile apps and social media was unveiled. He stated:

  • “It is, and will be, a process of constant development, as in all things technological that serve the needs of their users. A first version will be available within a few months’ time, subject to improvement, as we cater to shortcomings and provide more features as time passes through updates. Our first tests are at least promising, given that everything has been running smoothly and without fail.”

  • Integration will not be limited to the aforementioned. Mobile apps and social media, while strong foundations to our plan, do not compose the entirety of it. Seafarer sourcing sites are to be integrated as well, resulting in a wider, more varied, and as numbers go, a more practical and efficient network from which to draw seafarers. It is on this principle of effective application that constant integration to other systems is actively sought out by our IT department.”

Why? Constantinos S. Galanakis stated:

  • “I am delighted to announce that we have fully integrated our systems with Maritime-Zone and provided another pathway for seafarers to apply and be connected with us.”
  • “It is always a pleasure to come across other innovative entrepreneurs like the founder of Maritime-Zone, and who shares our vision. We were swift in completing an API integration, giving basic functionality. Advanced functional capabilities to all parties involved shall follow suit. An additional influx of 500+ seafarers on average per day was achieved solely from the integration of maritime-zone. This provides a further competitive advantage to Elvictor Group and it is trifold. First, we are successful in securing more previous sea services in the database. As follows, the ability to cross check their validity is enhanced by the fact that we possess the information concerning the last vessel serviced and the identity of the Principal. As a result, seafarers save precious time by not filling in various applications for their job search.”

Maritime-zone's founder added:

Elvictor Group is the most innovative Crew Management Company I have come across, being the sole Company that has demonstrated the possession of high-end and state-of-the-art technological means. We have integrated our systems with extreme ease, thanks to the capabilities of our technological teams, and we are fine tuning our interaction. In addition, we are sharing our know-how, ensuring the best outcome for every seafarer applicant on my site. Hence, we have a crew manager that immediately informs us of open positions, information that immediately reaches our pool of seafarers. Many of our seafarers have found jobs within a couple of days!”

Elvictor Group is in open negotiations with another 3 job seeking sites that provide sourcing of seafarers and is open to discuss integration with numerous more.

Constantinos Manoussakis, Global Marketing Director added:
“The integration with maritime-zone shall be extended to the social and mobile apps in the near future, providing a multi-level and multi-dimensional advantage to any applicant!”

Elvictor’s CTO & Branch Director Mr. Chris Tzoutzakis commented:
“Elvictor Management would like to officially thank the founder of Maritime-Zone and promises that Elvictor will support this integration, with more integrations, exchange of know-how and whatever facilitates both companies and mostly the seafarer applicants.”

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