Our Company

We are proud of our solid family ethos which is reflected in our customer-centric logic and acute personalized servicing. This ethos is complemented with the most up-to-date technology-driven practices which characterize every single dimension of our professional activity.


Elvictor Group Crew Management & Training (“Elvictor”) was established in 1977. It is a family owned company and its core services include crewing and Crew Management, whereas Elvictor’s clientele consists of sophisticated and respectable shipping houses. The headquarters manage contractual arrangements with clients while controlling and coordinating activities of the branch offices.

Elvictor has been active across various value-adding activities of the shipping sector such as ship management, technical management, ship agency, crewing and crew management. Mr. Galanakis, over the past few decades, has managed c.35 vessels being a major shareholder in most of them. The strategic intent of Elvictor has gradually been consolidated towards specific activities revolving around the field of crew management, thus creating a dedicated crew management company which keeps shaping the crew-related agenda. The Company has an established network scattered across seafarers’ supplying countries.

Moving Forward: Redefining Crew Management

Our Mission is to intelligently select, ethically recruit, thoroughly train and ultimately nurture the next generation of competent seafarers, who will fully safeguard our Principals’ vessels, in compliance with the strictest legal norms and professional standards.

Our long standing presence in the market makes us fully aware that, in order to achieve the aforementioned mission, we must be consistently value driven.

The values that enrich our everyday practice are the following:


Redefining Ourselves


Risk Management


Pricing Policy


Maintain Brandname

Our Pillars of Existence

Pioneers in assisting Principals meet their Crewing and Crew Management Objectives


  • verb
  • re·de·fine
  • \rē-di-fīn\

to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change



Focused on Internal Restructuring, by Reengineering of procedures through Innovative Techniques resulting in the minimization of man hours, unit costs & human errors.



Developed and invented KPIs & Benchmarking Tools for optimum automated screening and selection to avoid future claims and Customer Dissatisfaction.



Know-How embodied into the System and created “replaceable units”.



Building and enchancing interaction among Principal –Elvictor –Seafarer.



Upgraded Principal & Seafarer Intranets and Services. Moves to total social media integration.

Maintaining the Brand Name


Traits 01

Ethical & Transparent Recruitment Approach


Traits 02

Transparency through Intranets and Services


Traits 03

Focused on increasing the value of Servicing


Traits 04

Common Platform for all locations


Traits 05

Personal & Bespoke Servicing


Traits 06

Proactive Approach


Traits 07

Prepare for the Future

Forecast: Elvictor Strategic Solutions


Strategy 01

Elvictor builds trust with its Seafarers and develops their career path.


Strategy 02

Elvictor through its intelligent intranet and selection tools, picks out young & skilled seafarers out of the global pool. Looks into growing the cadetship.


Strategy 03

Elvictor has already applied advanced technology, via automatic procedures, to deal with the complexity of logistics.


Strategy 04

Restless Development and Upgrading of Training Courses for Tankers.


Strategy 05

Elvictor has developed scheduling & matching systems to achieve peerless Port Logistics.


Strategy 06

Elvictor possesses TMSA online tools and has applied them to Bulkers as well.


Strategy 07

The focus on technology and continuously integrating the know-how into the system.


Strategy 08

Elvictor has Successors.

Focus on Innovation

IT innovation and integrated information systems between seafarers, Elvictor and Principals enable swift fulfillment of Principals’ crew management needs, better matching results, and high retention rates.  High economies of scale and low-cost base due to IT infrastructure.

Upside potential from  economies of scale and cost optimization

Established and well respected brand

Exceptional and innovative services focused on crew management

  • Cost structure allows for significant improvement in profitability margins
  • Elvictor’s IT platform enables handling of high volumes of ships and seafarers with low incremental cost
  • Elvictor has long-standing partnerships with some of the most reputable shipping houses.
  • Elvictor has significant presence in countries with major trading ports around the world.
  • Advanced IT platform in crew management that supports fast decision making through data analytics, real-time response and comprehensive reporting
  • Continuous R&D in product updates

Innovative Services

State of the art Technological Solutions. Always one step ahead.


Year 2002

Principal Intranet


Year 2002



Year 2003

Seafarer Intranet


Year 2004

Electronic Library and Cloud


Year 2005

E-mail Reports


Year 2006

Applicant Intelligence Report


Year 2007

Data Migration Bridge


Year 2008

Principal Requirements Checklist Dynamic Tools for Selection


Year 2009

Vetting Criteria Selection Engine


Year 2010

TMSA Compliance & Gap Analysis Tools


Year 2010

Officer Matrix Tools


Year 2011

Crew Scheduling & Optimum Matching tools


Year 2012

Principal Forms and Reports Automation


Year 2014

Human Resources Retention Allocation Engine


Year 2015

Feasibility Report on HR Operations


Year 2015

Comparison Reports


Year 2015

Ex-Crew Availability & Matching Schedule


Year 2015

Facebook and Twitter Posts


Year 2018

Facebook Application for Seafarers


Year 2018

Mobile Application for Seafarers

Proven Quality


  • 1996 - 1st Crew Manager ISO:9002 Certified in Greece
  • 2010 - 1st Crew Manager globally ILO MLC accredited

Prized Vessels

  • 2011 - M/V Desert Calm "Ship of the Year"
  • 2013 - M/V Alpha "Top Rightship Ratings"
  • 2013 - M/V Nordic Orion "1st ever commercial transit of the Artic Northwest Passage"

Ecological Footprint

  • 2002 - 1st Crew Manager Globally as a paperless organisation
  • 2010 - Relocated to an energy efficient establishment
  • 2011 - High Investment in Green Technology


  • Dedicated on point of contact
  • Investing in the Human Factor across whole organisation
  • Continously investing in IT
  • Completely transparent organisation
  • Add-ons and Bespoke Services Portfolio
  • Crew Operations with documented evidence

Operations Optimization

  • Pertinent info / documentation is scanned into system
  • Automation of Principals' ISM Forms energized
  • Know-how continously input into the system
  • Shared knowledge disseminated through our client base
  • Intersystem bridging


Significant investment has already taken place towards producing information from various sources of data. In an ongoing process, procedures are redesigned under the sole purpose of achieving excellence and reducing human error.

By utilizing such information Principals’ interest is protected, whereas the offered services remain highly qualitative, thus ensuring that both principals and seamen will remain satisfied.

The Management has fully embraced the latest technological developments so that the optimal and timely solutions are available for the principals and the seafarers.

Based on the Intertanko Retention Formula, where S is the total number of terminations from whatever cause, UT is the unavoidable terminations, BT the Beneficial ones and AE the average number of seamen, ELVICTOR’S Retention Rates (RR%) per vessel category are mostly 90%.

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Bulkers Crew Retention
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Reefers Crew Retention
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