1. Update Availability: You do not need to come to the office to state your availability. Simply text and forward an SMS message stating your availability, and we will be informed immediately.
  2. Request for early Sign Off: If, for any reason, you want to sign off prior the contracted period, simply text us and we will be informed immediately.
  3. Seafarer's Status: If you are far away from our offices and you want to know your status, you can simply text us and you will get a reply immediately to your personal mobile. Also, note that when you are lined up, you will receive automated SMS messages, stating your vessel, agent, flight details, etc.
  4. Check Flight Details: If you want to get your e-ticket, text us and we will forward you the flight details. Note that as soon as your flights are settled, the system will automatically send (text) them to your personal mobile.
  5. Check Agent's details: Get your agent's contact details by simply sending us a text message. Note that the system is programmed to automatically send you the agent's details, as soon as they are finalized.
  6. Contract Duration: You can inform us via an SMS about the contract duration you prefer. Note that this service is only available once, prior the proposal.
  7. Forgot Password: If you forgot the password for your personal account in the Seafarer's Intranet, send us an SMS to retrieve this information.
  8. Wage Request: You can send us the wage you request in an SMS (be sure to follow the format described in this website- table of instructions). Note that this service is only available once, prior the proposal.

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