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Crew Management & Training.
Since 1977
We Bring Principals & Seafarers
closer to each other find out more
State-of-the-Art Training Facilities
offering the most cost-effective
solutions. find out more
We are not only Crew Managers,
We act as Crew Consultants, too. find out more
We embrace the Power of
Technology to your Advantage. find out more
We are Principal-Driven and
Seafarers-Focused. find out more
We take care of Crew
so that You don't have to. find out more


ILO MLC Crew Manager Accredited


Group retention in All Nationalities

Seafarers Trained on a Monthly Basis

Our Mission

is to intelligently select, ethically recruit, thoroughly train and ultimately nurture the next generation of competent seafarers, who will fully safeguard our principal’s vessels, in compliance with the strictest legal norms and professional standards. Learn more.


State of the art Technological Solutions.
Always one step ahead.

24/7 user-friendly on-line platform network for Elvictor Principals and Seafarers.


79 Vassileos Constantinou Str.
Varkiza, GR- 16672, Attika,
Athens, Greece
FOR OFFERS +30 2104224220

FOR APPLICANTS application@elvictor.com
USA - New York City +1 917-725-4247 UK +44 113 320 5232 Italy +39 06 9480 7071
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