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Elvictor has sent onb 10 Seamen
Elvictor has sent onb 25 Seamen

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Must Read Information

    Certification Requirements

  1. All crew should have valid STCW Certificates for at least 24 months
  2. All crew should have valid Seaman Books for at least 24 months
  3. All officers should possess ILO MLC Certification valid for at least 24 months, deck and engine
  4. Junior officers should possess Watchkeeping Certifications for at least 24 months validity
  5. All crew should be MARPOL Holders

    Principal Experience Requirements

    Principal Age Requirements

    Principal Typical Contract Duration

  1. X-Crew COE:
  2. New-Crew COE


    Crew applications will be prioritized when :

  1. Possess certification requirements stated above
  2. Possess valid Documents with validity of at least 2 years
  3. Possess valid USA Visa with expiration not less than 1 year
  4. Possess Advanced STCW Certificates
  5. For Deck Officers:With valid specific ECDIS
  6. All Crew: With Fast Rescue Boat Training
  7. All Crew: With Free Fall Boat Training


    If you wish to apply remotely for this placement you should do the following:

  1. If you are new crew apply online at: Elvictor Seafarers Intranet
  2. If you are x-crew visit: Elvictor Seafarers Intranet
  3. Upload all your Certificates and Documents
  4. State all your Previous Sea Services
  5. Connect with us to our Social Media pages:

For more information about your application do not hesitate to contact us at application@elvictor.com

Dont forget to mention your Full name, Date of birth, Sbk number, Mobile number , Email addess in order for us to communicate with you
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